Your Questions About How To Get Pregnant If He Always Pulls Out

1 Apr

Ruth asks…

How effective is the pull out method?

My boyfriend and I have been having sex everyday atleast twice a day without a condom. He always pulls out before he ejaculates. I was just wondering is there really a high chance that I could be pregnant, even though he pulls out everytime?? Thanks.

Chic for Her answers:

That method is not very effective. Even though he pulls out before her “you know”, he might not know it but, stuff still comes out even when you don’t notice it. So seriously, unless you are TTC, invest in condoms!

Betty asks…

What are the chances of getting pregnent it pulling out?

I have been with my boyfriend 3 years, he always pulls out. I cant take birth control it makes me sick. I have had a few scares in the past few years but nothing turned out to be pregnancy. Now I am 5 days late and feel no symptoms of my period. I usually always get swolen breasts. I have been really cranky though. What do u think? I know its possible but what are the chances?

Chic for Her answers:

I can understand about the birth control because I couldn’t take it either due to blood pressure issues…. But there are other ways to protect yourself like a condom foam etc.. The withdrawal method is very risky because there could be precum, and he could wait to long to pull out. So it is very possible you could be pregnant… Take a test and be more careful… Good Luck

Lizzie asks…

Im worried im pregnant but i just started the pill, how can i tell?

I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend several times over the past month, he always pulls out but i am worried im pregnant. However, i just started taking the pill about a week or so ago so my period is going to be delayed now. How can i tell if i am really pregnant?

Chic for Her answers:

The pill has to be in your system for a whole month before it actually works. You may have even gotten pregnant before you started the pill! I would say wait about two weeks and take a test. If you arent, then start using protection until youve had that pill in your system a month!

Mandy asks…

What are the chances of me getting pregnant with this method?

I am on the pill but my bf always pulls out before he ejaculates.

What are the chances?

Chic for Her answers:

Very slim to none if you are using the birth control pill correctly without missing one.

Nancy asks…

how likely is it to get pregnant if he pulls out before he cums?

i have sex with my boyfriend all the time without using protection.
i was wanting to see how likely it is to get pregnant if he always pulls out right before he cums ?

Chic for Her answers:

I am 6 weeks pregnant. Me and my fiancé used this same method for the past 2 years and I am happily expecting.

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