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25 May

Donna asks…

How long does the “morning-after pill” work for?

It’s coming close to the end of the month and my girlfriend has not had her period. She’s worried that she could be pregnant so what are some possibilities that we can take to ensure she does not become pregnant. And i wore protection every time so i am quite worried. Help?

Chic for Her answers:

It sounds like it might be too late for your girlfriend to take the morning after pill. It should be taken as soon as possible after sex to be effective.

It should be taken within 72 hours of sex and can reduce the chance of becoming pregnant by 89%. The longer the woman waits to take it the less effective it can be.

Check out the links below for more information:–d00557n1.html

Lizzie asks…

Does depo prover the birth control shot cause miscarraiges?

And if this is a form of birth control why would the women get pregnant? Or is it after it has been used that it would cause a miscarraige in the future when she decides to have children?

Chic for Her answers:

The depo shot is one of the worst things you can get. Many women are suffering greatly from the effects of that junk. Look at the VAERS reports and realize that only about 10% of the doctors are reporting to that. A good site to check out is: She has done about 30 years research on vaccines and is extremely knowledgeable. Do your homework and you will see you do not want to touch that junk with a 10 foot pole, wearing rubber gloves and boots.

Here’s a Yahoo poster’s experience with this depo garbage and it is unedited:

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May 22, 2008
This is not a ?tion but a statement about the bad side effects of the Depo Shot!!!!!!?
I have been off of the depo shot for 8 years. After I first got off the shot about 2 or 3 months later my periods became unfrequent. I would have major cramping and sickness but no blood. Some times I would be 2 weeks late. Other times It could be a full 6 months late. For the last 2 years I have been tring to have a baby. For the last 2 months I have been discharging milk and having cramps so bad I loose my lunch. I would have a lot of pregnancy symptoms only to find out I was just late. I was having faulse pregnancies. The depo I took can take any where from 2 months to 10 years to leave your system till you can get pregnate. In extream cases it can also leave you unfertile. Not to scare you but I found out Im one of thoes extream cases. I was only on the shot for 1 year when I was 16 now Im 22. Because I took it at such a young age I doubt I will ever be able to have a child. If I ever do have a child it will be a miracle on my part. Dont let this happen to you or anyone you know. If you do have a child later and its a girl dont let her ruin her life. Keep her off of birth control. You have no idea how it feels to be so young and know you can never give your loved one the child they deserve. A child to carry on their name. To know you are the last of your line just beacuse the doctors and society told you to be safe and take the shot or pills. Anyone saing diffrent can go to kiss their own butts.

Good luck to you

Lisa asks…

can being sexually active prevent my period from starting and not be pregnant?

i have had my tubes tied for 9 years. my periods have been pretty regular until last month. i am a month and one half late. no symtoms of pregnancy. my husband and i have been more sexually active than usual. could being more sexually active cause my periods to be late?

Chic for Her answers:


Nancy asks…

Is this implantation and when do you start to feel pregnancy symptoms?

Well my husband and I have been ttc and haven’t had the best of luck. I also have pcos and irregular periods so the doctor has been putting my on provera just to get a period. what i want to know is that i had my last period on march 7th but i tested over two weeks ago and i was negative. is it normal to ovulate way late in your cycle? anyways,we stopped having sex last tuesday due to that i am goin to the doctors on the 1st. to have a test done. the last few days i first had a discharge that was wet pinkish mixed and then the next two days it turned to a brownish color, very lite (all this happened only when i wiped). i also been feelin very cold, then warm, breasts are a little tender, been nauseous, heartburn, very tired, headaches, u name it. could this be the real thing? am i finally pregnant? if so, could this be pregnant symptoms? how long after implantation will the hcg levels go up so that the test would be positive? please give me some insight, thank you very much.

Chic for Her answers:

Pregnancy Tests

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* I got a negative result on a home pregnancy test. Might I still be pregnant?
Can anything interfere with home pregnancy test results?
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How soon after a missed period can I take a home pregnancy test and get accurate results?


Early symptoms of pregnancy: What happens right away
Could you be pregnant? Symptoms of pregnancy can begin before your first missed period. Consider these classic clues.


Videos about childbirth, pregnancy, and parenting, birth control.


Where can I go to get free or reduced-cost prenatal care?
You can call this number if you need free birth control help, too!
Women in every state can get help to pay for medical care during their pregnancies. This prenatal care can help you have a healthy baby. Every state in the United States has a program to help. Programs give medical care, information, advice and other services important for a healthy pregnancy.
To find out about the program in your state:
·Call 1-800-311-BABY (1-800-311-2229) This toll-free telephone number will connect you to the Health Department in your area code
·For information in Spanish, call 1-800-504-7081
·Call or contact your local Health Department.

Helen asks…

does birth control make you feel like your about to get your period or pregnant?

i’ve been on birth control for the past 2 months and i constantly feel like im about to get my period. i get crampy and my breasts and VERY sore and itchy (not my nipples, my actual breasts) .. my nipples are pealing for some weird reason.. not a lot. just a little. and i’ve also noticed A LOT more discharge then normal.. btw. im on sprintec. is this normal or is it a cause for concern?

Chic for Her answers:

Well you are supposed to experience weird symptoms for up to when teh 3rd month is done.

But peeling breasts.. Id never heard anything about that so Id ask a doctor.. Or call a pharmacists if you cant get to a doctor immediatly. Also dont get scared okay because people on yahoo asnwers (yes i am one haha) try to make you feel like youre dying.

So just cross the bridge when you come to it good luck

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