Your Questions About Can You Get Pregnant If Your Boyfriend Pulls Out Before He Ejaculates

15 May

Susan asks…

Can you get pregnant the day after you period even if he pulls out before he ejaculates?

Me and my boyfriend had sex the day after my period and we didn’t use a condom. He pulled out before he ejaculated inside of me can i still get pregnant?

Chic for Her answers:

Oh my word! The SAME exact thing is happening to me! This Friday will be the 2 week mark for me… I made an appointment to see my doctor for a pregnancy test on Friday. I guess that’ss the only thing we can do for now… Good luck! :o )

Jenny asks…

How great are the chances of me getting pregnant?

Last night my boyfriend and I had sex three separate times. The first we didnt use a condom but he didn’t ejaculate at all, we stopped before he did. The second time we used our last condom and he ejaculated, then the third time we had sex without a condom and he pulled out before he ejaculated. I am not on any birth control and I was supposed to be ovulating around the 17th of March. What are my honest chances of being pregnant?

Chic for Her answers:

For the 100th + time, withdrawl before ejaculating is not a practice of birth control. It is a practice in futility. A man, during intercourse, is constantly, CONSTANTLY emitting spermanal fluid. Most of which contains sperm. I only takes on micorscopic sperm cell to meet on microscopic ovum to cause pregnancy. So, stop listening to people who know as little as you do about birth control, sex, and pregnancy. Buy the book. Speak to a family planning clinic. Or at least go to a free health clinic and get the story. Get examined while you are there. Bring Mr. Wonderful with you. Free. On the internet. Go. No questions asked. Go – help yourself and your bf. And be safe, not stupid. And just in case you don’t get it, your chances of being pregnant are very good.

Lizzie asks…

What can birth control do if taken while possibly pregnant?

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, and he pulled out before ejaculating inside me, but I was in between an old cycle of b/c pills and a new pack because my doctor had changed my prescription. I have since then been on a new pack, and should have started my period 2 or 3 days ago, but nothing yet. If I were pregnant, what would taking birth control pills do? If I don’t start soon, should I go get a test just to be on the safe side? >_<

Chic for Her answers:

If you were pregnant, the hormones in the pill could cause a hormonal imbalance and your body would regect the baby. Take a test, see your doctor, and pray about what you think is best…..

Carol asks…

What are the chances of getting pregnant with precum?

My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex the day after my period ended, the next day, and today. He pulled out before he actually ejaculated but i read that i could become pregnant from precum.. What are the odds if it was after my period and there was no sperm in the urethra today but yesterday? Only serious-honest-reliable answers please

Chic for Her answers:

It only takes one sperm. Period, end of discussion.

At best, during the most fertile time of your cycle and a partner ejaculating a full load of sperm with good motility…you have a 25% chance. Figure out the mid point of your cycle and count the two days before and after. That’s your fertile period.

The further away you get from that, the less the chances become. But it never drops to zero. Even during your period, the strongest sperm can last several days and if you fire early…

As for your partner? How do you know there is no sperm in his pre-ejaculate? Were you looking at it under a microscope? Trace amounts of semen are always in the urethra. That’s the joys of having the two systems using one out-flow pipe. There are traces of sperm in urine every time he takes a tinkle. Even more in the pre-ejaculate as the sexual activity is causing his testes ramp up production and get the next load ready to launch.

What are your chances? Likely slim. But take that with a truck-load of salt as there are far too many cases of people getting preggers when they were hoping that pulling out before climax would save them.

If you want to really decrease your chances of getting pregnant then start using protection. Make him wear a condom. They’re not as bad as many people make them out to be and what’s worse? Losing a little feeling in an activity that causes intense sensations…or getting pregnant?

Your call.

Sandra asks…

How likely is it that I could be pregnant?

I had my sex with my boyfriend, while I’ve been ovulating, three times.
Each time, we used a spermicidal condom. He also pulled out, before ejaculating, and ejaculated into the condom- outside of me. We then filled the condom with water and found no leakages in any of the condoms.

How likely is it that I could be pregnant?
I agree, we shouldn’t be. But I can‘t help myself, unfortunately.
It’s likely that everyone goes through this at some point in there life….

Chic for Her answers:

It is very unlikely that that you will get pregnant.

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