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5 Dec

Sharon asks…

What are the chances that I am unable to have get a woman pregnant/have children?

Here is why I am asking. I am in my mid 30′s and have never had any kids. The last woman I was with a few years ago, we were together for nearly 4 years. The entire time we were having sex we never used a condom and I ejaculated inside her every time. For nearly 3 years she never got pregnant. After cheating on me with another guy, she got pregnant. I have read several articles on several different sites that state if a couple is trying to conceive(we weren’t) and having sex a few times a week that after a year of failing to conceive to go see their doctor to have the fertility checked. I have yet to go see my doctor, but am planning to here next week to get the process started. Just curious if anyone has any insight on what my odds are. Thank you.

Chic for Her answers:

Chances are you have a low sperm count from age,Childhood illness,etc.Only a doctor can isolate the cause.Impotence is one of the side effects of high blood pressure pills.Staying physically fit will increase your chances of getting her pregnant.Bicycle seats can put pressure on the prostate gland,blocking the flow.Pulling for you!

Susan asks…

if a guy puts his penis in a girls vagina a few times, can she get pregnant?

My boyfriend and I were fooling around one night and i caused him to ejaculate. Afterwards he went to the bathroom to clean himself. About an hour or so later, he put his penis inside my vagina to see if it would hurt/ fit (we haven’t had sex yet) is it possible that I could be pregnant?

Chic for Her answers:

If he urinated after he ejaculated then most likely no. Urinating helps flush any residual semen out of the urethra. If he didn’t urinate, then it’s possible that some semen could be still in the urethra when he penetrated you and then deposited into your vagina. In that case there is a *possibility* of pregnancy.

EDIT: There most certainly is sperm in pre-ejaculate. That’s why couples who utilize the ‘pull out’ method of contraception are eventually called parents. Studies conducted in Boston and New York, and evaluated by the NIH (because they were actually HIV transmission trials), showed very low amounts, <1000/ml, of viable sperm in pre-ejaculate. While statistically this is considered insignificant (some even consider it zero), all it takes is one viable sperm to unite with an egg.

Donna asks…

How well does the “morning after pill” work?

If a girl were to have sex, and the guy does not cum inside of her, and then she takes the morning after pill. Is there much of a chance of pregnancy?

Chic for Her answers:

Dear Ean, Well Dear The Morning after pill or Plan B as it’s also called works best if taken within 72 hours from having unprotected sex or had an accident where a Condoms failed broke leaked or slipped and the sperm swam inside you then you will need a back up that’s where Plan B or the morning after pill comes into the picture. And if taken as it suppose to and within the first 72 hours from the time the sexual encounter started and up to 120 hours you will be safe and will avoid pregnancy but as in all birth control it needs to be taken as instructed. Please take into consideration that the morning after pill is not a birth control method that should be taken if an accident happen and you had no control of it, as I said due to either you are not on birth control pills or did not use condom’s which by the way the only way that you will protect yourself from STD-’S the pill and the morning after pill will not protected you from STD-’S so please practice safe sex. Also even if you took the Morning after pill and it seems you are in your teens even in your early twenties please let the morning after be your last resort. It has side effects too as so does all Birth control methods like the pill, the DEPO Shot please don’t use The DEPO SHOT or any implantation Rods or patches or anything else except the pill condoms if you never had kids yet I would not advice you to put IUD if you have kids go ahead use IUD Copper and they are good for a period of 5 to ten years. So you have many choices beside the Emergency pill. Morning after or the Plan B pill. So please try to be on Birth control use Condoms that way you will not to deal with the Morning after pill use it as a last resort if all fails. You said if the Guy does not C** inside you well dear that’s it the pull out method you are taking about and it’s not a safe option too since you need to worry about the pre C** which it could also get you pregnant. So please practice safe sex and use condoms and birth control pills so you will not be into a situation that requires you to take the Morning after pill. Good Luck best wishes please let be your last resort not your first.

Mandy asks…

Is it possible for my wife to get pregnant?

Me and my wife tried anal sex for the first time and it was the day after she ovulated. We didn’t use protection because she didn’t think was needed. About 2/3 of the way through i slipped out and put it into the wrong one and pulled out right away. Is there any way she could get pregnant?

Chic for Her answers:

Unless your penis had sperm on it, I think you should be alright. Be sure to have your wife thoroughly wash herself to help prevent any infection from fecal matter entering her vagina.

I think you guys should be fine. Just be sure to make your wife feels comfortable and safe (added stress can cause her period to be late), and wait for her period to start.

I suggest, to prevent times like this in the future, to use a birth control so there is always that safety net to fall back on. Be safe, and good luck.

Sandy asks…

How to deal with step child who is a toddler?

So i been on and off with this guy for three years now. Before we got together he had had a little boy with another woman. He is almost 4 now. Since we got together we have had a little girl who is one and i am not 8 months pregnant with a little boy. The dad/ my bf doesnt have custody off his oldest so we only see him every other week and keep him for a week or so. He doesnt talk very well and likes to point and grunt and i love him to death but the best way to put it is that he seems to have a learning disability cause my one year old sometimes out smarts him. But he never listens to me and when i say no he asks someone else and they say yes then i get yelled at for trying to enforce what i have already said. They want me to treat him the same way as i do my daughter but i find it very hard to do when i can discipline my daughter but for the exact same thing i cant discipline him. I even get yelled at if i try to make him eat healthy ( the same thing as my daughter) and he pulls out cookies and then i take them away. I dont know what to do i have tried to talk to his dad about how this bothers me and i dont see how it is fair for the other kids that he is getting special treatment but his dad says i hate his son and dont ever let him do anything. any suggestions im desperate.

Chic for Her answers:

It is possibly because your boyfriend doesn’t have custody of his son and doesn’t see him every day that he gets ‘special’ (spoiling?) treatment. With your daughter he is different because you are both raising her and will both raise the child you are expecting. I’m not saying it is good, it isn’t, that your step son is being treated differently. You are right to be frustrated by this as both children should be treated the same. Your boyfriend loves your son and I do believe you do as well as you are trying to be a good parent as well. There is nothing wrong with showing love and giving children treats but on the other hand they need discipline / learn they can’t always have what they want.

When my husband and I regularly had over our friends three children over before they moved it was usually overnight sometimes longer and twice for 5 days. We would do things with the children but we also expected them to behave at meal times, be polite and go to bed when we told them. Their behaviour improved immensely to the point that people who knew the family praised us for having a positive influence on the children. I know it’s different but the principle is the same.

A suggestion is to ask your boyfriend to listen to you, that you love his son very much but at the same time his son needs to be treated the same as your daughter. Tell him that undermining you all the time will cause more problems as your daughter will pick up on it and there is a good chance she will start behaving the same way. If he still doesn’t like it you give him an ultimatum; either start treating his son the same as your daughter, you all go to family counselling or you will leave. If he doesn’t want to do that then you have had done you’re best and you should kick his backside out and make sure he pays child support,

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